Air Mattresses, A Proper Choice to Prevent and Delay in the Development of Pressure Ulcers
Apr 15, 2015
The study shows that Obamacare programs to improve hospital safety have resulted in 50,000 fewer preventable deaths since 2010.
For example, pressure ulcers result from a lack of blood flow to the skin because of sustained pressure, are estimated to result in 72 deaths per 1,000. Besides seeing a reduction in these numbers, it’s worth noting such incidents result in higher costs for treatment, too. It estimated costs of $17,000 for each pressure ulcer.
Alternating pressure air mattresses are an effective preventive therapeutic support surfaces because they reduce the duration of pressure and shearing forces by alternating deflation and inflation of air cells.
Air mattresses were associated with lower costs(mattress costs, hospital costs, and pressure-ulcer-free days), mainly due to reduced length of stay in the hospital and a delay in the development of pressure ulcers compared to standard hospital mattress or alternating pressure air overlays.